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Please be patient and check back often.  I will add any missed dates later.  This site will be full of photos, information about victims by state, necrophilic behavior, his capture and other details you may not have known.  I would like to use my own creativity!
What types of victims was Ted seeking?  He was seeking slender, white, young and attractive females with long hair parted down the middle!  Many of these young women were college coeds such as myself or teenagers who were in high school!  Some victims who were simply young, attractive women simply crossed his path and were available to him!
Ted's favorite ruse to lure young women into car was by going to multiple colleges at different times, so he would not be easily recognized.  He would lure the young college coeds into his car by wearing a cast or sling on his arm or using crutches.  He would then drop his books, and he would ask a young lady to help him carry his books to his car.  He had a crow bar hidden on top of the front tire of his car (usually on the passengers' side).  Unsuspectedly, he would drop his keys, if he had his arm in a sling or drop one of his crutches!  Ted would choose ladies with trusting attitudes and helpful demeanors.  Once the young lady would reach down to get his keys or crutches, he would quickly grab his his crow bar and smack her on top of the head, most likely causing serious head and brain injuries!  He would then immediately pick them up like garbage and put them in his yellow VW Bug and drive away to rape, beat, torture and strangle them at another heavily wooded location or at his apartment and to even rape them after they were already dead!  He was a disgusting person to treat women as they were sexual objects and garbage at his disposal.  Ted Bundy was not only one of the worse, infamous serial killers, he was a necropheliac who engaged in sexual acts when the poor ladies became corpses!  I do not always like to refer to Ted's killings a victims.  We have to remember that these were bright, young women with their lives snatched away before they had a chance to fight!  Their lives were taken too soon!
He also liked to offer rides, or pick up hitch hikers.  He sometimes also picked women up at bars and got them into his vehicle by force.  You think of a way, and Ted thought of it first.
His most infamous ruse and crime was commited at Lake Sammamish, in Seattle, Washington on July, 14, 1974.  He used the ruse that since he had broken his arm, he needed help moving his sail boat!  Ladies and gentlemen, please picture a small canoe-like boat.  While researching, I got the impression that they were small sailboats with moters, and I thought to myself, how would a girl be able to help him move that?  The fake sailboat he was referring looks like a small, thin canoe that can only fit two people inside!  How convenient?  It was a beautiful, summer, sunny sunday, and it was 90 degrees.  Everyone was at Lake Sammamish State Park.  Many companies were having their annual picnics, the media was there getting video footage, families were resting and Ted's conquests (two young women) were dressed sexily for the weather ready to enjoy a refreshing recreational activies.  He had approached more than two women.  The women who refused to help him would be forever scarred with the thought that they almost fell prey to most dangerous, infamous serial killer.  Meet Janice Ott and Denise Nusland.  They were not so lucky, and their lives were robbed at such young ages!
Janice Ott and Denise Naslund (among Ted's other victims) deserve to be remembered for being smart, bright and beautiful young ladies.  They should not only carry the *stamp* of being Ted's victims.  I wish to reflect in my site that these young ladies will always be remembered and missed as I put up each story.

Janice Ott

Denise Naslund

Linda Ann Healy