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Anne Marie Burr:
I believe that Anne Marie Burr from Tacoma, WA, was Ted Bundy's first victim!  Why?  It parallels to the murder of Kimberly Leach from Lake City FL!  Ted Bundy had a desire for young girls that did not just start when he was an older man! 
These desires grew within him as a young boy and teenager!  He didn't just wake up one day and say, "I think I will kill a little girl today!"  These fantasies started in Adolesence!  When other boys were fanasizing about "going steady" with their girlfriends and exploring all the facets of youthful, physical and emotional love, Ted, a later, infamous serial killer, was fantasizing about how he was going to "troll" or search for victims,  the ruses he would use, the deadly instruments he would use to harm these innocent, young ladies and the equipment he would use to bind them for later rape, torture and murder!
Ted alientated himself from his family and few friends he had.  He had much time to ponder these evil thoughts.  According to

http://www.tedbundy.com/victims/burr1.html, no proof was ever discovered that Ted was actually invovled in the murder of Anne Marie Burr.  The evidence found was a bench (taken from the backyard) and placed in front of an open window and a teenager's Ked's (a teen's popular shoe) footprint near the window!  The person who abuducted Anne Marie was considered by detectives to be a teenager of small frame who needed an extra boost such as a bench to get in the window!  Ted was never considered a suspect at that time and was said by this source not to have a paper route by the Burr home!  However, Anne Marie, like many of Ted's victims, was never found!  Although he may not have had a paper route right near her home, he still had opportunity!  A search which consisted of over 100 Law Enforcement and Military men failed to turn up any results or clues about Anne Marie Burr.


As a serial killer, Ted cruised Florida when he had escaped from prison in Colorado.  He had approached other young, wholesome, teenage girls using the ruse that he was an off duty fireman!  When he approached Kimberly Leach, witnesses said they saw a man luring a young girl into a white van!  My question is, wouldn't you do something, if you saw someone trying to lure a young girl into a van?  I know that I would!  Kimberly Leach's life could have been saved with actions instead of roaming eyes!  Unfortunately, Kimberly Leach was murdered and a young life robbed from this earth!

Later on Death Row, Ted talked about himself in the third person.  It was difficult for him to admit that he had raped and killed Kimberly Leach although he was sentenced to death for a second time for the murder and sexual assault of young Kimberly!   He didn't want to be viewed as a "bad person!"  He had the same reason for not admitting to Anne Marie's murder!  He didn't want to be considered the monster who wiped out young lives before they had even had a chance to blossom!
Don't take my word for it!  Come up with your own conclusions by reading the source I have sited on this page.  I strongly feel that these murders intertwine with each other.  You may feel differently.  The source provided is of a very gifted webmaster!