Linda Ann Healy

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Lynda Ann Healy was so beautiful, she could have been model.  She was a stunning, young lady.  She had very long auburn hair and big, sparkling blue eyes.  She had a sexy, slender figure, standing at 5'7."  She was 21 years of age and ready to graduate that semester.  She lived in a house in the University District at The University of Washington.  After hearing about the near death beating of Karen Sparks on January 4, 1974, Lynda and her house mates were always careful to lock all of the doors to their house because they wished to be cautious and keep themselves out of harm's way.  Sadly, harm would find its way to Lynda in the form of Ted Bundy.

On Friday, February, 1, 1974, Lynda failed to show up to work at the Northwest Ski Reports.  Lynda would give the ski reports over the radio.  She was always responsible, knowing she had to wake up at 5:30am.  Her house mate was surprised when she woke up to her own alarm at 6:00am and found that Lynda had not turned off her alarm.  She figured that Lynda left in a hurry until she got a phone call from the radio station asking for Lynda.

When Lynda failed to show up for the dinner she planned with her parents, they knew something was terribly wrong.  Lynda's bed was unusually made.  There was a lot of dried blood on the pillow where Lynda laid her head to rest, blood on the bed and blood on her night gown, neatly hung in the closet.  Ted had come in and beat her unconciously, raped her and killed her. 

Where was she?  Her house mates noticed that the clothes she had worn the night before were missing.  The clothes consisted of jeans, a white, smock blouse and a pair of waffle stomper shoes.  What type of sick man was Ted Bundy? 

He had to have taken her home with him and dumped her body at a later time.  Why else would he have taken her outfit?  In my research, I have read that Ted had taken bodies home with him.  Lynda was believed to be his first victim.  Notice I use the word *believed*  because I believe he started killing much sooner.

He actually lived three blocks away from her, attended a psychology classes with her and had cashed a check at the University District Safeway the night before at the same time she was there.  It gives me chills to think about how he may have been stalking her.  Had he exchanged words with her?  Had he watched her enter and leave class?  Had he targeted her a long time before?  Was he following her and waiting for the opportunity to rape, beat and kill her?  What do you think?  These are too many factors to be coincidences.  Lynda Ann Healy will never be forgotten, especially for her help *even in spirit* with the police investigation.  The police found out the facts mentioned above and ask the same questions that I ask now!