Denise Naslund

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Denise Naslund was a beautiful young lady who was 18 years of age.  Like Janice Ott, Denise came to Lake Sammamish State Park on Sunday, July, 14, 1974 to enjoy some fun in the sun with two of her friends and her boyfriend.  She had driven to the park with two friends and her boyfriend in her Chevy that her mother had bought for her to keep her safe.  Very sadly, having a car and being in the company of her friends still did not save her from her horrible fate. 
Denise was a beautiful, young lady who was 18 years of age with black hair and brown eyes.  She stood at 5'4" and weighed approximately 115lbs.  She had a cheerleader's body that would turn many gentlemen's heads.  She was wearing a blue halter top, cut off jean shorts and mexican styled sandles.  Just like many of us young ladies, she was happy to be in the company of her friends and boyfriend.  She was hoping to get a tan as she relaxed at the park.  Sometime after roasting some yummy hot dogs, she had gotten in a spat with her boyfriend before leaving for the bathroom at the park.
Denise was last seen at 4:15pm and was sadly never to be seen again.  Ted had already convinced Janice Ott to leave the park with him four hours earlier using the same ruse of having a broken arm in need of help loading his sailboat.  A woman saw a man with his arm in a sling approach her when she came out of the bathroom, and an off duty police officer saw them leave together.
Denise was a smart, alert young lady who never would have left the park with any *oh so* handsome guy with a smile or stranger.  She took her mother's warnings very seriously about other missing women in WA and other neighboring states.   She was very greatful to have her car and felt a sense of security.   She always let her mother know where she was going.
Denise had that similar "helpful" quality made her fall prey to Ted.  He was such a professional sociopath that he may have watched Denise and maybe even saw the spat between Denise and her boyfriend.  One could surmise that because Denise was upset with her boyfriend, he would have been approached her, appearing more empathetic and soothing to her.  It is my belief that Ted approached girls with the same ruses but would quickly read into a girl's personality type, knowing exactly what to say for his sexually twisted needs as he did with Denise.
Later, Denise's skull was found on Taylor Mountain along with her femer bone.  Like Janice, the rest of Denise's body was never to be found.  Therefore, neither of these families would ever *really* be able to lay their family members to rest.  I almost can't believe I'm writing this, and a strong feeling of disgust towards Ted washes over me.