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Please add your comments and feedback by using my *new* and *interactive* Ted Guestbook.  Your comments will help me improve my site for you!  All you need to do is add your  First Name or Desired Screen Name and your comments.  You have the ability to sign and view my guestbook at anytime.  Therefore, I will not ask you for your email address, for I respect your privacy.  If you have further comments you wish to share or questions, then please go to my *Contact* page.  Thank you.
Let me answer your questions about the purpose of my exclusive *Ted* group.   My *Ted* group will be used to help anyone doing educational research or psychological studies on Ted Bundy.  If *Ted* is just a topic of interest to you, then you will find my *Ted* group stimulating as we share and comment on each others' information.  Researching and completing assignments can be fun, and I encourage having an interactive site and group.
I would also love to trade *Ted* links with you, so please go to my *Contact* page and get in touch with me privately.  I will add your *Ted* website(s) on an upcoming *Links* page as long as you remember to add my site to your website.  I support exchanging links to make online resources easier to find. 
I constantly update my site.  This is a work in progress.  I check my emails once a day.