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These young women will never be forgotten!

These are some of the young women who will never be forgotten!  Janice Ott and Denise Nusland are the two young ladies that disappeared at Sammamish State Park in Seattle, Washington on July, 14, 1974.  Another young lady I recognize is Melissa Smith who disappeared from Utah.  The youngest lady who was only 12 years of age was missing from Lake City FL on February, 13, 1978.

The monsterous weapons used on these young ladies!

Ted carried around his bag o' horrors around with him in his car!  I cannot imagine the suffering and hell that these poor, young ladies went through!  This is a picture of the bag that was taken from his car when he was pulled over by a Utah State Patrol officer!  He claimed that he had these items for hunting, sporting and cutting down trees!  Sure?  He was hunting for young women!  Some of these horrific items include a crow bar with duct tape on the handle, lock picking tools, a nylon mask, a ski mask, a hacksaw and rope.  Did I leave anything out?  Imagine what these poor women must have endured?

Ted's Wanted Poster

Here is Ted's "Most Wanted" poster that was distributed mainly around CO, but it was also distributed in many other West & East coast states to warn young, slender ladies with their hair parted in the middle that Ted was a psycho path driven to rape & kill them.  Law enforcement especially alerted college coeds, since *Ted* blended in with that particular crowd.  I'm glad I wasn't around then.  However, I feel sorry for those young ladies who faced his wrath.

Ted's Colorado Wanted Poster

Here is another "wanted poster" of Ted Bundy mainly distributed in CO after his second escape.  Law enforcement wanted to show how easy it was for Ted to change his looks.  He could go from looking like a student to the role of a young college professor.  His chameleon qualities made him even more "dangerous" and harder to capture!

"I'll sware right now I didn't do it!"

Ted swears that he is innocent of any crimes that he is being accused.  "I'll swear I'm innocent right now" were his statements.   How sickening!  Unfortunately, he was glorified by the media for being a good looking man who was different from prior killers.  "Your looks could kill" is just an expression.  Good looks aren't really supposed to kill somone.  I think that the media craze went too far.  The young ladies who would only be remembered as his victims deserved attention, respect & much love, NOT Ted.

Ted's many looks!

These are the many faces of Ted.  He was extremely hard to capture and be brought to justice not just because of his methodology.  He was also an expert of disguise.  He had thought of everything that made it almost impossible to capture him.  Thank God, a brave young lady named Carol DaRonche identified him in a UT line up as being "the  mad man" who kidnapped her from the Murray Mall in UT.  She fought for her life, but she came very close to death.  Carol DaRonche ultimately ended his life as a serial killer.  She remarked, "It was either fight or die!"  I am glad she had the courage to fight!  I wouldn't even want to imagine him out there today.  Just reading about him is "spooky."