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The Ted Bundy Myth:
One of the Ted Bundy's myth's that has been grossly perpetuated throughout society today was that "his victims" were stupid!  That's a far cry from the truth!  First of all, please try to look at these innocent, young ladies as more than just "victims!"  They were smart, young ladies with their entire lives ahead of them.  Then a charming, good looking, charimatic and intelligent man with sex appeal enters the picture.  He has a ruse planned.  He singles you out, a kind, helping woman who fits his profile of a desired victim!  He knows how to befriend you and how to compliment you!  He has rehearsed this act a million times before!
In a time where people didn't lock their doors, you see a handsome stranger dropping his books and looking as though he's in terrible pain because he is wearing a cast!  Do you ignore him, if you are a kind, helpful lady?  NO!  Are you stupid?  NO!  You honestly think this handsome stranger who is complimenting you needs help!  Your first instinct is to help someone in trouble.  Isn't that what you were taught?  How are you supposed to know that he means you harm?
At that time, we were taught that "serial killers" and horrible people usually dressed badly, were very obvious in their character and that they would scare you!  However, Ted was out of the ordinary!  He knew how to speak to women when he was using a certain, rehearsed ruse!  The only time he ever seemed "creepy" was when he was not acting!  That would be the only time you would be able to get a hint of the true Ted. 
We are in the 21st century, and we have ladies saying, "That would never happen to me!"  Well, Melissa Smith of Utah had a father who was a Police officer!  He warned her of the many dangers and maniacs lurking for young ladies!  Years of experience told him to make his daughter aware!  Melissa was aware, but she still lost her life to a brilliant con-artist!  Only the young ladies who became Ted's victims knew the monster that lurked beneath that handsome, kind, charming facade!
Could race also be a factor?  At that time, we were taught that someone who looked like us wasn't dangerous!  Ted was the perfect "white" male!  I rarely see this discussed anywhere!  If he was acting well, you would feel comfortable with someone of your own race, not thinking anything bad would happen.  This is another factor.  Whether we wish to admit it or not, we are more comfortable around someone our own race.  What would be better than a clean-cut, handsome, charming, polite, white man?  "Ok, I've already screamed I'm a white chick!"  LOL!  Who says education has to be *boring?*