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Did you know Ted Bundy?  My research is not yet complete, but you can help me keep this website as accurate as possible.  You can be an *annonomous* and reliable source.  Thank  you for filling out my help form!

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Ted Bundy

If you don't want information posted, then don't fill out a help form!  I realize that your annonomynity is important, but please try to tell me the affiliation you had with him.  Were you a friend?  Were you a victim's family member?  Is there something you want to get off of your chest?  I will gladly put up anything you say!  If you fail to put an affiliation, I can't put your comments and research up.  Your state is optional.  Read example below!
I have a family member who almost fell prey to Ted Bundy!  She described her experience as follows:  She didn't have a car, and he offered her a ride.  He was not wearing a cast or faking an injury.  He was very polite, but he was also impersonal.  He did everything to get her into the car.  She explained her ride was coming.  He asked how often she came to the park.  She said it was her only time because she was just visiting town.  She never returned to the park.  She declines to comment on the state this happened, but she feels better to get this burden off of her chest.  He had piercing blue eyes, and something about his friendly offer scared her and gave her goose bumps.  She has seen the news, trial and other media stock footage at the time of his capture and recognizes his soft spoken voice and appearance from his photos!  She is sure that was the same man.